Wednesday, November 6

Veg at Jodi Maroni's Sausage Kingdom


Last month my husband's family and I traveled to Southern California. Our beach house was a block from Venice Beach boardwalk. There were plenty of interesting places to eat, but the fact that we could see the back of this iconic hot dog stand from the driveway piqued our interest. Two days of jam-packed adventure including Disneyland and Catalina Island and then finally, a day to unwind and discover Venice Beach.We couldn't wait to check out the hot dog stand.
Jodi Maroni's Sausage Kingdom has been around since 1979 serving a variety of sausages and hot dogs. But that's not all. They do offer a small (but tasty) selection of veggie sandwiches and FRIES. And really, sometimes that's enough.

A shirt box full of food.

hello veggies.

My husband ordered corn dogs while I opted for a roasted veggie sandwich sans mayo and cheese. An onion bun was loaded with roasted peppers, sweet onions, ripe tomato and fresh lettuce. I added lots of hot sauce and it was a pretty satisfying sandwich. And of course it tasted amazing because it was at the beach. Everything tastes better beachside.

As for the Garlic Fries, I can't recommend them enough. Crisp, and soft inside, loaded with chopped garlic and parsley the Garlic Fries stole the show. I'm a big fan of french fries that don't need ketchup or some weird aioli to be delicious.

Eating outside Jodi Maroni's Sausage Kingdom on a sunny day Venice Beach was a memorable part of my vacation. I totally felt like a Californian.

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