Monday, June 27

It's hot. Egg-less Salad is eggs-actly what you need!

Six years ago I shared my favorite tofu egg salad recipe on this blog. My vegan egg salad making hasn't become more sophisticated, but my toast game has improved!

I've become very fond of PETA's recipe for Egg-less Salad. The flavor is just like real egg salad with a firmer texture. It's also really easy to make from ingredients I always have on hand. Since the heat makes it impossible to cook in my house, this handy Egg-less salad shows up on toast, crackers, in sandwiches and sometimes I just eat it out of the container standing in front of the fridge. It's a lifesaver in this heat.

Egg-less salad is also very handy to have at the office. Just pop some bread in the toaster and pile on the good stuff. Arugula adds a bitter taste that I dig. Avocado and tomato are egg-cellent additions, adding fresh flavors as well as kicking up the nutrients. Hemp seeds add a crunchy texture and edible flowers make everything lovely. (They're only $1 at Sprouts!)

What would Egghead think of this imposter?!  

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