Sunday, July 17

GR Kitchen: Quick and healthy vegetarian eats!

Falafel plate full of Greek goodies!
GR Kitchen is a quick service restaurant serving fresh Greek fare in a comfy, casual setting. And guess what? They have stellar vegan and vegetarian options!

Located in a strip mall in Sandy, GR Kitchen offers a new concept in dining - fresh Greek food served super fast in a casual setting. The interior is modern and comfortable and the staff is very friendly. With a set up similar to Chipotle or Subway, diners assemble their salad, gyro or plate from an assembly line of different options for less than $10.00.

The veg protein option is falafel. Tender on the inside with a satisfying crunch on the outside, the house made falafel is satisfying and tasty. It's a lot more tender and moist than traditional falafel - you'll be addicted after the first bite. My husband said he liked the falafel more than the spit-fired pork he ordered! Diners can order a salad, a gyro or a plate. I'd suggest the plate - it's a clever way to sample the delicious sides. Vegetarian sides include Mediterranean Quinoa, Couscous and pita bread. When I was there, a lot more veg sides were offered like Greek Salad and veggies. Top your custom-made dish with Tdadziki sauce, Hummus, Feta and Olives.

Local beer is served along with bottled soda, San Pellegrino and fountain drinks to round out your meal.

Uinta beer

If you're after something sweet the house made Greek yogurt topped with honey and blueberries is worth the visit alone. There's also traditional baklava.

Rich creamy house made Greek yogurt topped with honey and blueberries

GR Kitchen is the kind of restaurant I really enjoy. Veg options, real food, casual and reasonably priced food will keep me coming back. I was invited to try a complimentary meal in exchange for some Instagram love and a blog post. I happily agreed because this place has been on my radar for quite a while and the pics on their Instagram always make me hungry.

I'm crossing my fingers for more locations! But for now, visit them at 7702 Union Park Ave in Sandy.

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