Saturday, July 30

Mollie & Ollie: Veg Options Galore

A quick service restaurant with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options that serves wine and beer - Mollie & Ollie is my kind of place.

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Mollie & Ollie serves healthy food made from scratch with the best ingredients. I don't think there's another option this fresh and inexpensive in Salt Lake. Guests order from a computer, pay at the cashier and wait a few minutes for their order. Online ordering is also available. The space is clean, modern and comfortable.

I love ordering from a computer! You have time to linger over your delicious options :)

Breakfast options include bowls of oatmeal, yogurt and an acai bowl topped with fresh fruit, granola and local honey. They also serve various scrambled egg bowls plus a tofu scramble.  Lunch options include salads, stir frys and wraps.Each dish is customizable and you can build your own creation. As for the sides, I'm planning on ordering each and every one of them. The Street Tofu, crispy strips of fried tofu, looks especially good. Fruity smoothies, chocolate chip cookies and butterscotch ice cream sundaes are available. Local beer and wine are also served.

Cute decor!
I really dig quick service restaurants, and being able to order at a computer alleviated any ordering anxiety I had. I was able to take my time, check out each option and decide what I want without someone staring at me, waiting for me to make up my mind. Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan options are clearly marked on the menu. The amount of veg options were overwhelming, especially since you can order breakfast food all day.

A fine combination
Vegan options are offered, and since I'm fixing to go back to my vegan lifestyle (yay!) I decided on ordering the Tasty Tofu Scramble ($7.95) on my first visit. With the omission of aioli, this dish is perfectly plant-based. Flavorful tofu, rice, citrus-braised kale, cremini mushrooms and edamame come together in a tasty and hearty meal. A topping of crispy tortilla strips add a satisfying crunch.

The very pretty and very tasty Vegetable Spring Roll
I couldn't resist the colorful Vegetable Spring Roll ($4.95). Chives, carrots, peppers, avocado and mango slices are wrapped together with mint and black sesame seeds. Served with a sweet soy sauce and a spicy aoli (the only not vegan thing here!) this spring roll was delicious. Exactly the kind of fresh flavors you want on a 100 degree afternoon.

Mollie & Ollie's makes me wish I still worked downtown. Vegan options, served super fast with the option of a glass or wine or beer - it's all I ever want in a restaurant. This meal was provided by the restaurant, but I'll be back plenty of times.

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