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All Chay - One year later & it's still my favorite!

Kid's Pho & Five Spice Beancurd Bahn Mi

All Chay has been open for a little over a year, and in that time this little vegan Vietnamese restaurant has become my very favorite.

All Chay exterior

Serving fresh vegan Vietnamese food at reasonable prices, All Chay become very popular with vegans as well as omnivores.  I visit All Chay at least once a week for lunch. I've never had a bad experience; the service is always friendly and polite, my food is prepared quickly and it's always delicious.

I'm a little obsessed. I write about All Chay every chance I get, like here for Devour Utah. And that plaque on the wall from City Weekly's Best of issue for Best Vegan Pho? I wrote that too. My Instagram and Twitter account is full of All Chay. Everyone knows it's my favorite place! After a year of happy eating, it seemed high time to write an updated blog post.

Vietnamese & Vegan - two of my favorite words!
Over the past year the owners of All Chay, Kim Hoa Nguyen and her brother, Binh Nguyen have spruced up the restaurant by adding new signage, a fresh layer of paint and planting a wonderful garden out front with colorful flowers and plentiful veggies and herbs. They've created a welcome and hospitable environment.

Teriyaki Chickun Rice Dish

Order at the counter, gather your utensils and napkins and find a seat in a comfortable booth. Your food is brought to your table in a few minutes. All Chay is not fancy, but the atmosphere is happy and comfortable.

The Teriyaki Chickun ($8.95) is succulent and juicy, flavored with teriyaki sauce and grilled onions. It's perfect with rice and veggies - filling and satisfying. Opt for this tasty mock meat in fresh spring rolls, noodle salad and as a Bahn Mi. 

My favorite Bahn Mi - Five Spices Bean Curd
At $5.50, the Bahn Mi is ideal for a cheap, tasty lunch - my version of fast food! There are seven  options ranging from mock meats to flavorful tofu. Inside the crunchy baguette, you'll find vegan mayonnaise, cucumber, lettuce cilantro and soy sauce accompanying your choice of protein. 

Lemongrass Tofu Noodle Salad
The Noodle Salads ($8.50) are enormous, full of different flavors and textures. Choose your protein and get ready to dig in. This refreshing and filling salad is made of vermicelli noodles, fresh greens, bean sprouts, cucumber, a sliced fried eggroll topped with crunchy roasted peanuts and scallions, house pickled carrots and diakon and served with a sweet and sour sauce.

The best desk lunch! Kid's Pho, Autumn Rolls and Flan

I'm pretty lucky that All Chay is so close to my work. At least once a week, my desk looks like a Vietnamese buffet. I call it "All Chay Day" and it's glorious.

Another best desk lunch! Kid's Pho and Five Spices Beancurd Bahn Mi

The Kid's Pho is only $5 and it's small enough that you can pair it with a Bahn Mi or appetizer! I'm continually impressed by the depth and rich flavor. The pho comes with rice noodles, mock ham, fried tofu, soy beef slices and the usual accoutrements of bean sprouts, basil, jalapeno, lime and cilantro. They also give you a little container of Sriracha and hoisin. For $1 more, you can add veggies to the mix.

Ocean Love Noodles
The most impressive protein option at All Chay is the Ocean Love, fried vegan shrimp. It's kinda creepy how close the texture is to real shrimp! You can order them for an appetizer or in a rice or noodle dish.

Ocean Love Rice Dish

All Chay is located at 1264 West 500 North. Since they don't have much of a social media presence, their Yelp reviews are very helpful. You can find their full menu here. I've never been comped a meal at All Chay for social media or blogging purposes. I just really really love their food. Sometimes I do get a complimentary flan ($1.50), but I think all the regulars are occasinally treated to the jiggly coffee flavored dessert.

This past week I noticed lush gardens in front of All Chay and was so charmed that I stopped to take pictures. To me these gardens grown over the past year epitomize everything I love about this restaurant - passion for good food, love for community and a joy for life.

So much basil!

So many tomatoes!

I have never seen watermelon growing in a parking lot until now! 

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