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Let's talk about Table X baby

The Vegetable Steak from the Chef's Tasting Menu
Table X, the latest noteworthy restaurant to open in Salt Lake City, offers impressive vegan and vegetarian options.

We started our meal with lovely cocktails
Last year, before their restaurant opened, I attended a vegetarian pop up dinner hosted by the chefs of Table X. The food was stellar and I was impressed with their love (and tasty preparation) of vegetables. When I heard they were opening a restaurant, I had high expectation for their veg options.

Located inside a 1930's brick storehouse and cheese factory, Table X is a sophisticated addition to the Brickyard neighborhood. I dig the fact that there's plenty of parking and it's not downtown. Suburbanites need a fancy restaurant too! The design is stunning - modern with classic historical elements. I especially love the booths - they're super deep and really tall, offering a semi-private dining experience. Surrounded with walls of quilted black leather, I've never felt so comfortable eating and drinking in public.

There's a garden out back providing produce, herbs and edible flowers year-round. "The garden is a key part of what we are doing here." says chef and co-owner Nick Fahs. "It reminds us of the seasons, and what can be produced and preserved for other times during the year." The garden is also the focal point of a private dining area with floor to ceiling windows. The three chefs behind Table X, Mike Blocher, Nick Fahs and David Barboza, are dedicated to creating a top tier culinary experience with a menu driven by the seasons. I'm looking forward to visiting again to see what vegetable delights they come up with.

It starts with bread - delectable, melt-in-your mouth bread with a dollop of cultured butter.
My husband and I attended the soft open of Table X  in late October thanks to a generous invite from Katie at Panic Button Media. (Thanks Katie!) And of course, we paid out of pocket for our alcohol. Our cocktails were divine - a fantastic start to our meal.

The Chef's Tasting Menu ($55) is a perfect way to sample the menu. To keep the flow of service going, all parties at the table need to order the tasting menu. With a vegetarian option alongside the omnivorous option, it was no problem for my husband and me. The wine pairing (three glasses) is an additional $20. The portions were small, but I left feeling full and happy. And a little tipsy.

Since the menu is seasonal and focused on the vegetables growing in their garden, you can expect different dishes. Here is what I enjoyed in the late fall.

Chopped Salad
The first course was a Chopped Salad. Butter greens, broccoli and other delights from the garden were covered in a luscious, savory dressing. I resisted licking the plate when I was done with the salad.

Red Beet Curry
The Red Beet Curry was a pleasant surprise. With bright flavors, this is the most unique curry I've tasted. This dish is one of the vegan options on the menu.

Jerusalem Artichoke
Another vegan dish on the menu is the Jerusalem Artichoke. Not only was this dish stunning, it was heavenly with deep earthy flavors.

This was a fun pumpkin-y amuse bouche!
This pumpkin amuse bouche was accented with fluffy whipped cream made from cultured goat milk, the flavor was divine. Toasted puffed rice added a distinct flavor and texture.

Vegetable Steak
The main dish on the Chef's Tasting Menu was the Vegetable Steak. Cutting into the intricate layers of root veg with a steak knife was satisfying. This dish can be made vegan as well.

Chocolate Tart

We ordered coffee to go along side with dessert, a lovely chocolate tart.  It was a sweet end to a fabulous meal. 

Table X brings elegant vegetarian and vegan options to the table. With suburb service, sophisticated ambiance and imaginative fare, Table X is an excellent option to celebrate special occasions.

Visit their website for more information and reservations.

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